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    Criteria for the approval of an Assessment Quality Partner

    The QCTO will appoint an entity as an assessment quality partner only if it is satisfied that the entity has: i.      The necessary expertise, experience and standing in relation to the occupational qualifications or foundational learning for which the assessment quality partner is appointed; and ii.      the resources necessary to perform its functions In terms of clause of the QCTO Delegation Policy, 22 June 2011 the criteria have been defined in detail as follows: i.     be  recommended  to  the  QCTO  by  the  relevant      DQP  during  the occupational                           development  process at a point  when they submit  an occupational profile. Possible evidence: letter of recommendation from [...]

    Supervisor Key Skills

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    Supervisor Key Skills Training

    • A supervisor is someone who is in charge of a section, department or unit in either a business environment or at a private institution. Supervisors’ main tasks are to communicate certain duties to the employees who work under them, and to then ensure that these duties have been fulfilled to the standards that were set out.
    • In other words, if you are a supervisor, you would have to organise and manage the employees in your section, department or unit to make sure that they meet all their goals. The most successful supervisors are natural leaders with very good administrative and people skills.
    • You’ll also need to be able to work under pressure, because keeping a working environment organised can be very stressful and demanding. However, this is an exciting career opportunity and getting a qualification in general management could open many doors for you.

    Being in a Supervisory Position means that you have to:

    • Be responsible
    • Be efficient
    • Be ethical
    • Have excellent time management skills
    • Be able to run a variety of different types of projects or tasks
    • Have good people skills
    • Have good communication skills
    • Be excellent at what you do
    • Learn the best ways to manage people
    • Think about the needs of the business as well as the needs of the people that you supervise
    • Be able to set goals and monitor the progress of your team
    • Set a good example to your team
    • Have leadership skills

    Why should I study a Supervisor Course?

    All businesses, no matter how big or small they are, need managers and supervisors to see to it that things are done correctly and on time. The demand for qualified managers and supervisors is always high, and the nature of this job allows you to work in many different fields or industries.

    If you have good interpersonal skills and like administrative tasks, a Supervisor Course might be the field of study you have been looking for. This is a very general qualification, so if you are not sure what field you would like to specialise in, getting started with this is definitely the way to go.


    • Course Description: Supervisor Key Skills
    • Accredited:  NO. The training provider and the facilitators is however accredited, but not this course.
    • Duration: 1 day
    • Hidden fees: None
    • Certificate: Certificate of attendance unless otherwise stated.
    • Activities/Assessment: Learners are required to apply skills and knowledge obtained on the course in the workplace. The facilitator will incorporate 70% practicality by means of examples, activities and role-plays during the contact session. Learners will receive a learner guide which will guide them thorough the process.


    Currently we have the following supporting structures in place for our members:

    • Telephone support.
    • Contact Detail –
      • Cell. 0825507946 Tel. 0867227014 English, Tel. 0318115749 English/Zulu.
    • Helpdesk – – 7 days a week (integrated email and sms notifications).
    • Members private forum with model answers to all  activities including JOB opportunities.
    • Check-out our reviews:


    Programme consist of the following key areas:

    • Key Learning Principles
    • Learning Objectives
    • Management & The Organization
    • Evolution Of Management Thought
    • Management Functions & Roles
    • The New Manager
    • Boyatzi’s Management Competencies
    • High Performance Competencies
    • Summary


    • Newly appointed or newly promoted supervisors
    • Experienced supervisors who want to enhance their effectiveness

    By the end of the course participants will have:

    • Examined their role as part of the management team
    • Practised and developed their skills in human relations interview situations
    • Sharpened their awareness of the problems of handling people in various interpersonal relationships
    • Considered opportunities for personal development

    Course outline:

    • The supervisor’s role as part of the management team
    • Handling human relations situations at work
    • Informal counselling of employees’ problems
    • Discipline and grievance situations
    • Setting objectives and reviewing performance
    • Basic techniques of on-the-job instruction
    • Recognising training needs to improve performance
    • Action plan for personal development


    • Minimum of 14 days workplace experience in the workplace. (part time or full time)
    • Basic communication skills (English = reading and writing skills on a NQF level 1 (Grace 8 or higher))
    • Able to attend the contact session and any of our workshops offered.

    Learner preparation for the contact session (Classroom Training)


    • Attending the full contact session. (Classroom Session)
    • Copy of ID document
    • Pen and paper.


    1. Enrol as a learner with Trainyoucan by completing the application form.
    2. Attend the contact session with Trainyoucan.
    3. We provide you with all the learning material that you need.
    4. Certification (Attendance) on completion.


    We offer corporate packages on site to reduce the cost and make training more affordable. Our corporate packages work as follows:

    1. You provide the venue – you safe money!
    2. We provide the Facilitator – you only pay the daily Facilitator rate!
    3. Set price per manual and certificate or each person attending.
    4. Deposit 50% required as confirmation of the course and 50% on completion (last day).

    Terms of agreement:

    • The employer provide the venue.
      • Where possible we require we request U-Shape or Boardroom style.
      • Employer to indicate if flipchart is available. (TRAINYOUCAN will provide where not possible)
    • The employer provide refreshments (teas on arrival, morning and afternoon) – Where not possible TRAINYOUCAN will make arrangements.
    • Catering – this is totally dependent on the employer/organisations internal policies and procedures.
    • Session start: All sessions will be starting 8h30 in the morning until 16h00 unless otherwise communicated.
    • TRAINYOUCAN will provide an SETA Accredited Facilitator with the scope to deliver the required programmes for the duration of the course.
    • Maximum of 12 delegates per class requested.
    • Request brief outline or training needs/gap from the employer/organisation to assist Facilitators in addressing special needs during the training sessions.
    • Bookings and arrangements can be confirmed directly with the Facilitators however all bookings and payments will be accepted on a valid invoice from our accounts department.
    • Payment Request: Strictly on invoice only!